The Upside of Progress

The City of Pensacola is committed to transparency in government by making project information available online. The public can track the progress of projects managed by the City. Information about these projects is provided with the latest updates from the City of Pensacola departments.

​City Administrator Updates 

07/13/2015 Council Workshop Updates Presentation - Video
07/13/2015 Council Workshop Updates Presentation - PowerPoint
08/20/2015 City Council Meeting Update
09/17/2015 City Council Meeting Update
10/08/2015 City Council Meeting Update
11/12/2015 City Council Meeting Update
12/09/2015 City Council Meeting Update
City Council update - January 14, 2016
City Council update - February 11, 2016
City Council update - March 17, 2016

Project Map

Click on the interactive map to identify projects across the city. The map provides the project name, a brief description, and a link that goes directly to the project webpage.

DISCLAIMER:  This map was prepared by the GIS section of the City of Pensacola and is provided for information purposes only and is not to be used for development of construction plans or any type of engineering services based on information depicted herein.  It is maintained for the function of this office only.  It is not intended for conveyance nor is it a survey.  The data is not guaranteed accurate or suitable for any use other than that for which it was gathered.