Outside Agency Funding Request

In recognition of the need to ensure residents are well-served through effective use and administration of agency funding, the City of Pensacola has established and adopted a uniform procedure for the submission, review, and approval of agency funding requests from applicable agencies and for administration of such funding.  These procedures are applicable for “governmental purposes” as well as inter-local agreements.

The procedure for such requests must be submitted at the beginning of the year at a predetermined time between Jan – Feb. This scheduled period corresponds with the City's annual budget development.  Incomplete applications and/or applications received outside of the specified time period will not be considered.

During the scheduled period, outside agency funding request forms can be completed by visiting the City of Pensacola’s Department of Financial Services at http://cityofpensacola.com/128/Financial-Services.  However, the funding request form will not be available outside of the application period.

City Council members do have limited discretionary funds, which they can elect to distribute.  Residents can contact individual Council members to request funding from their discretionary funds by contacting the Office of City Council at 850-435-1609.

Thank you for contacting the City of Pensacola to inquire about outside sponsorship and/or funding and on behalf of Mayor Hayward, best wishes for continued success.

The 2016 Funding Request Period ended March 7, 2016 at 5:00 pm.  Please check back in 2017 for the next funding period.