Flooding and Hurricane Preparedness

The Atlantic hurricane season officially starts on June 1st and ends November 30th. Though hurricanes occur outside of these dates, this time frame encompasses over 97% of hurricane and tropical storm activities.

On the other hand, flooding can occur at any time of the year and is oftentimes caused by heavy rains, storm activities, or overflowing waterways.

In the event of a hurricane, Escambia County is the lead authority, while the City of Pensacola serves as an addition resource. All citizens should also check the BeReady Escambia website to stay up-to-date with county information during a storm.

The City of Pensacola wants to ensure that you and your family are prepared in the event disaster strikes. Below, former Mayor of Pensacola, Ashton Hayward addresses the City of Pensacola in his 2016 Hurricane Season PSA as we prepare for this year's season.

City of Pensacola Notifications flyer