Office of the Mayor

Mayor D.C. Reeves

D.C. Reeves was sworn in as Mayor of his hometown, Pensacola, on Nov. 22, 2022, becoming the youngest person (38) in 101 years to be elected Mayor.

Reeves spent his professional career as a sports journalist, author, community builder and entrepreneur.

After a decade covering college football at Florida State University ( and the University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa News), D.C. returned home in 2015 to make an impact on his community.

D.C. spent six years as Chief of Staff for entrepreneur and community volunteer Quint Studer. Through that time, D.C. had the chance to lead many impactful community projects that made Pensacola a better place to live. In 2018, D.C. led the effort to bring an appointed superintendent to lead Escambia County schools, a referendum had lost convincingly in Escambia County 5 times in the past 60 years.  His last role with Studer was as Chief Entrepreneur Officer at The Spring Entrepreneur Hub, the foundational front door and advocate for aspiring small businesses in the Pensacola community.

He was fit for the role because he has invested his savings into the dream of small business ownership. In 2017 D.C. founded Perfect Plain Brewing Co. It quickly became a staple of downtown Pensacola and one of the busiest craft beer taprooms in Florida. The business expanded to four different locations and 40-plus employees before D.C. sold to New Orleans-based Urban South Brewery in Fall 2022.

When he owned Perfect Plain, D.C. he also focused its mission on community building. During the pandemic, when their own operations were forced to cease, Perfect Plain manufactured hand sanitizer for nursing homes, health care workers and first responders. Despite dealing with their own flooded building following Hurricane Sally, Perfect Plain provided hundreds of gallons of clean water to the public in its aftermath.

In 2019, D.C. authored The Microbrewery Handbook, a how-to guide to the business of opening a brewery published by Wiley & Sons, a publication that remains popular in the craft beer community to this day.

D.C.’s community focus also led him to serve as Board Chairman of Visit Pensacola in 2021, Pensacola’s tourism marketing organization, and was named 2021 Emerging Leader of the Year by the Greater Pensacola Chamber of Commerce.

D.C. believes rest can come when Pensacola is a great place, not just for a few, not just for most, but for all people.