Planning Board

DescriptionThe Board advises the City Council concerning the preparation, adoption, and amendment of the Comprehensive Plan; reviews and recommends to Council ordinances designed to promote orderly development as set forth in the Comprehensive Plan; hears applications and submits recommendations to Council on the following land use matters: proposed zoning changes, proposed amendments to zoning ordinance, proposed subdivision plats and proposed street/alley vacations. Board initiates studies on the location, condition, and adequacy of specific facilities of the area, i.e., housing, parks, public buildings. Board schedules and conducts public meetings and hearings pertaining to land development and hears variance requests within the Waterfront Redevelopment District.
MembershipSeven members, appointed by the City Council.
Term of OfficeTwo years
Is Financial Disclosure Required?Yes
Meeting ScheduleMonthly; second Tuesday at 2 p.m. at City Hall
Agendas & MinutesView All Planning Board Agendas and Minutes
Rules & ProceduresRules and Procedures
Current MembersPaul Ritz, Chairperson
Kurt Larson, Vice-Chairperson
Daniel Grundhoefer
Laurie Murphy
Charletha Powell
Eladies Sampson
Ryan Wiggins

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