Help Trash Your Trash

The City of Pensacola urges all business owners, developers, and building contractors to lend a hand in preventing careless trash disposal and to aid in cleaning up stormwater.

Stormwater - the rainfall that does not seep into the ground - picks up pesticides, herbicides, oil, and other contaminants before emptying into storm drains. Most of Pensacola's storm drains empty into Bayou Texar, Bayou Chico, Pensacola Bay, or Escambia Bay.

Water Deterioration

Over the years, stormwater has contributed to the deterioration of these bodies of water. In 2001, the City Council committed to spending more than $4 million on stormwater prevention, including educating the community about abiding by city ordinances, proper disposal of trash, special trash services, and the consequences of not following the Florida Litter Law.

With your help, we can clean up stormwater, clean up our city, and save our waters from more permanent damage.


By not putting anything into your drains that you would not drink, or handle in an unprotected manner, you help make your business and city a cleaner, better place to live.