Improvement Plan

Everything Takes Time

The degradation of our water bodies did not happen overnight. Their improvement will also take time and require continuous effort over a long period of time.

There are approximately $26 million in stormwater improvements recommended by the Carpenter's Creek / Bayou Texar Assessment. Additionally, there are $18 million in estimated stormwater management improvements in other areas of the city.

Utility Fee

The new revenue generated by the stormwater utility fee is estimated at $1.5 million annually. Given the estimated rate of funding from the utility fee, it will take approximately 30 years to compliment of stormwater improvements.

The stormwater utility fee charge is but one component of the city's stormwater management improvement strategy, but it is an essential one. Real improvements in water quality require a financial commitment. The stormwater utility fee is a fair and successful way of providing an opportunity to pay for these improvements.


Some of the projects identified for funding during the next five years, which is made possible by the new revenue generated by the stormwater utility fee, include:

  • “L” and Zarragossa street drainage improvements
  • 12th Avenue at Carpenter Creek
  • Admiral Mason Park stormwater retention
  • Bayou Chico stormwater outfall retrofits
  • Baywoods Gulley stormwater enhancements
  • Carpenters Creek at Brent Lane
  • Gabberonne Swamp stormwater enhancements
  • Installation of stormwater treatment vaults city wide

These are examples of the type of projects that the city will be funding with stormwater utility fee revenue. More projects will come online as other stormwater needs are identified.

Basin Master Plans

The completion of the stormwater basin master plans will recommend additional projects to improve stormwater management.

The city will remain vigilant to take advantage of other funding opportunities that will augment stormwater utility fee revenue.