A Clean Water Project

Pensacola is an old city, and most of our neighborhoods were developed long before there were any rules or facilities to control stormwater runoff.

Stormwater is rainwater that does not seep into the ground after a rainfall. It drains off your property, picking up fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, oil, pet waste, or other contaminants, carrying them into our storm drains. Most storm drains empty into Bayou Texar, Bayou Chico, Pensacola Bay, or Escambia Bay and over the years, stormwater has contributed to the deterioration of these bodies of water.

Stormwater deposited materials increases turbidity and reduces oxygen, limiting the recreational accessibility of area waters.

A Solution to Pollution

Walking on the beach the City of Pensacola recognizes the importance of high quality area waters to Pensacola's quality of life. The city is moving aggressively on several fronts not only to control the volume and force of stormwater, but also to clean up the stormwater that eventually reaches our bays and bayous.