Escambia County Geocaching Tour

The City of Pensacola, Escambia County and the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) have partnered together to bring participants the Escambia County Geocaching Tour . This tour is designed to route participants around the area's major restoration projects, environmental habitats, and innovative environmental solutions. The tour includes:


  • The Big Escambia Creek Restoration Project returning the Big Escambia Creek to its original flow.
  • Project GreenShores, the award winning project to restore oyster, saltmarsh and seagrass habitat to Pensacola Bay.
  • Admiral Mason Park, with its beautiful pond, fountains and walkways that not only adds to the beautiful sites of Pensacola but also serves as a stormwater treatment system for the surrounding 31 acres.
  • The unique habitat of Perdido Pitcher Plant Prairie. Located west of Pensacola, the Prairie supports one of the largest strands of white-top pitcher plants in Florida.
  • Three of Florida's Award Winning State Parks which highlight the beautiful and unique habitats in our area.
  • Cutting edge stormwater retrofit projects, such as the Glynn Key Stormwater Park at Southgate Plaza which turned a traditional stormwater pond into a county wetland park in the middle of a commercial development.
  • Pensacola Beach, a barrier island that offers Florida's whitest sand beaches and sea oat covered dunes.

Please remember to visit to register for an account and log your visits. Visit the Escambia County Geocaching Tour page for more information and a color guide sheet. Here are some resources to help new Geocachers:

For more information about the progress of the City-involved Restore projects, see the City of Pensacola Restore Projects Page.

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