Are You OK?


 P.O. Box 1750
 Pensacola, FL 32591

The Pensacola Police Department has joined a growing list of agencies nationwide participating in Are You O.K.?, a telephone reassurance system that takes the initiative in contacting its subscribers.

Once people register for Are You O.K.?, their confidential information is recorded in a computerized telephone calling system. At a designated time daily, the system calls participants. When they answer the telephone, a recorded message asks if they are OK and all they have to do is hang up.

If a participant does not answer the telephone, the system will call several more times over the next hour. If there is still no answer, the computer notifies dispatchers, who will try to reach designated emergency contacts. If that fails, an officer will be sent to check on the person.

Although participants can register to be called at any time of the day or night, it is suggested they request evening hours when they are more likely to be home.

Are You O.K.? is designed for older adults, people with disabilities, shut-ins, or anyone who lives alone and needs to be checked on daily. Registration is open to City of Pensacola residents; there is no charge to participate.

Participants are asked to notify the Pensacola Police Department at (850) 435–1900 if they will be away from home during holidays, vacations or other times so that they will not activate the emergency alert system.

A waiver and registration form are included below. Please sign the waiver and mail it to Hope Lunsford, Dispatch Supervisor at P.O. Box 1750, Pensacola, FL 32591.

For more information, please call (850) 435–1938 or (850) 436–5416.

CLICK HERE to download the Required Forms