Hawkshaw Development Conceptual Planning Studies

Hawkshaw Aerial Map

Hawkshaw Overview

The Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) is exploring options for future redevelopment of the Hawkshaw property. The CRA has engaged Urban Design Associates, an internationally distinguished urban design and architecture firm, to assist with community engagement and developing points of consensus on essential qualities and character for the development of the Hawkshaw site at 9th Avenue and Romana Street.

The Hawkshaw site is considered a key redevelopment opportunity. The site presents an opportunity to fulfill the CRA's goal to encourage expansion of the number of people working and living in the downtown core to support services and urban amenities.

The property is located in the City's Gateway District, which allows for urban scale development of buildings up to 9-10 stories in height. The site is situated between the 100' tall existing Gulf Power office building to the east; Aragon Court and the Seville Historic District, 2 and 3 story, single family and mixed-use neighborhoods to the west; an emerging Technology campus to the north and the Veterans memorial park along Bayfront Parkway to the south.

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