After The Storm

How to Protect you and your family when the storm subsides:

  • Stay inside until you have been told it is safe by local authorities.  When outside, watch for fallen objects and electrical wires. 
  • Stay up-to-date with instructions from the city and county by keeping up with radio and television news or calling 3-1-1.
  • Refrain from walking or driving through  puddles and standing water as they may be deeper than they appear or contain hidden dangers. 
  • Follow all curfew or emergency orders that may be implemented by officials. 
  • Do not enter into any areas that have sustained heavy storm damage. 
  • Check you home for damage, including gas leaks, and assess if it is safe to stay there. 
  • Take pictures of any damage and contact your insurance agent. It is important to keep records of cleaning and repair costs for claim purposes. 
  • Do not use things such as camp stoves, grills or generators indoors. 
  • Use caution to avoid downed power lines as they may still be live. Please contact Gulf Power at 1-800-487-6937 to remove the wires or report any power outages. 
  • Be cautious and patient, clean up and repair after a storm can take time.