Eastside Redevelopment Board

DescriptionThe Eastside Redevelopment Board was established pursuant to the requirements of Florida Statute 163.2517 (2)(a)(b) regarding a community participation process that provides for the ongoing involvement of stakeholder groups in urban infill and redevelopment areas. (Ord. #09-13 adopted 3/14/13)
MembershipThe Eastside Redevelopment Board shall consist of five (5) members: Two (2) homeowners and one (1) owner of a business located within the Eastside Neighborhood TIF District area appointed by the City Council; one (1) representative of the Eastside Neighborhood Improvement Association designated by the association; and one (1) member of City Council.
Term of OfficeThree years
Is Financial Disclosure Required?No
Meeting ScheduleQuarterly or as needed, at City Hall
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Current MembersAretta Anderson, Chairperson
Jeannie Rhoden, Vice-Chairperson
William O. Brown
Councilman Gerald Wingate
Fred D. Young, III