Fire Station 3


Project Description

What is eight letters across, “hard-headed,” has four legs, and halts the construction of a much needed new fire station in the City of Pensacola? If you are thinking, “Oh I know It’s that turtle I’ve seen on the news!”  We have to inform you that “turtle” only has six letters and that you are incorrect but close. A tortoise, a threatened gopher tortoise to be exact, made its entry into the world of Pensacola firefighters in October of 2017 by putting a hold on the new station that is being built down the street from the current 48-year-old fire station on Summit Blvd. 

Now, some of you may be asking yourselves “Why move down the street? Isn’t the plot of land the current station is on good enough for the new station? We have threatened tortoises???” We could always go on the record and say “no comment” and continue with our little firefighter ways, but fortunately, there is a good answer for this. As you all know, this station is located in a spot where they have speedy access to this high-risk plot of land across the way which us locals call the Pensacola International Airport. Now, unfortunately, being this close to the airport, we are unable to build on the current plot of land due to it being inside the runway’s flight path cone (whatever that thing is). But the FAA has some pull around here, and we are all proud of our local airport, so we adhered to their request. But fear not citizens who live close to the future Fire Station 3, your new friendly neighbors take pride in being discreet and respectful while responding to emergencies, especially while you are catching some much-needed Z’s at night. Our big red trucks have nothing on those 200 feet long 747s buzzing over our heads when it comes to decibel levels anyways!

So even though the tortoise won yet again, the fire station is on its way to being built. The little-shelled reptile was relocated to Walton County where it will be able to fulfill the rest of his/her long lasting life. As for the fire station, the construction has begun and should be completed within a year. Along with the new station and many happy go lucky firefighters, the area is set to receive a brand new shiny red truck that the rookies will have the opportunity to clean on a daily basis. Which also means as you’re jogging around the airport, feel free to holler at the new rookie and tell them that he/she missed a spot. Or you can give them the line all firefighters NEVER hear while washing the trucks, “You gonna clean mine next?” So as long as we don’t complete the fairy tale and discover a Hispid Hare (endangered rabbit for those of you who were thinking it’s a bad haircut reference), the year 2018 should be a good one for the area of Fire Station #3 and the citizens they have sworn to protect.