Sidewalk Prioritization


In 2017, Public Works undertook an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Sidewalk Assessment, during which the City’s existing sidewalk inventory was evaluated for ADA compliance. At the conclusion of the assessment, sidewalks were sorted & prioritized for repairs/improvements based on their “Audit Score”. This prioritized list is the City’s current sidewalk project list.

If you have questions or concerns regarding the ADA Prioritization List, please contact Brad Hinote, P.E., Engineering Project Manager, at or (850) 435-1646.

Current ADA Sidewalk Prioritization List

Current ADA Sidewalk Prioritization Map

During this process, a secondary list of “No Sidewalks” was also created as part of this assessment. This information group was not a project list or recommended list, as there was no associated score or priority ranking. A staff working group consisting of Public Works, Engineering, Planning, CRA, Parks & Recreation, and GIS staff, applied various criteria to aid in ranking potential future sidewalk projects both for citizens' safety and to enhance the general quality of neighborhood life. These areas have not been developed into projects as of yet and require additional field verification and development.

Future Sidewalk Construction Prioritization Map 

For more details about the ranking criteria, see the page dedicated to that information. 

Note: a given sidewalk may appear on the list, and may in fact, be high on the list. However, there might not be an estimated start date for construction on these projects.

If you have general questions or concerns regarding sidewalks, please contact City staff or by either dialing 311 or visiting