Remote Video Inspection Program


The purpose of the City of Pensacola Remote Video Inspection Program is to provide an alternative inspection format for eligible inspections including limited re-inspections. This program has been developed as an acceptable method of conducting inspections based on the findings of the Building Code Administrators and Inspectors Board (BCAIB) Declaratory Statements DS2017-038 and DS 2018-078. The program requires the customer to use the Skype App or FaceTime on a minimum 4G smart or WiFi connected phone or tablet in order to interact with the City Inspector. 

The inspection process shall include:

•    Scheduling of Remote Video Inspection via

•    City Inspector will initiate a Skype or FaceTime call to the customer.

•    Inspector will direct customer to send video images of work to be inspected.

•    Inspector has the ability to decide if the video is acceptable and, in some cases, may override remote access, and require a site visit if they are not comfortable.

•    Inspection results will be entered into the system.


Building Permits (including minor re-inspections)

•    Rooftop Solar 

•    Aluminum Patio Cover/Pool Enclosure

•    Detached Portable Storage Sheds Not to Exceed 400 Square Feet

•    Window/Door Replacements

•    Demolitions

•    Roof In-Progress

•    Fences

•    Pool Steel

•    Hurricane Retrofit

Plumbing/Gas Permits (including minor re-inspections)

•    Water Heater

•    Water Softener

•    Plumbing Re-Pipe

•    Main Line Water Repair

•    Sewer Repair/Replacement

•    Gas Line Extension for BBQ and Fire Pits

Mechanical Permits (including minor re-inspections)

•    A/C Change Out

•    Duct Extensions or Replacement

Electrical Permits (including minor re-inspections)

•    Electrical Service Change

•    Electrical Service Upgrade

•    Electrical Reconnects

•    Partial wall

Note: If for any reason the Inspector is not able to complete the inspection via the Remote Video Inspection Program, every effort will be made to route a field inspector to complete the inspection the same day. If this is not possible, the inspector will reschedule a field inspection for the next business day. This program is a privilege and each Inspector has the discretion and authority to determine if a situation or condition is not conducive to a RVI. (An inspector may, at his or her discretion, use the FaceTime app to conduct an RVI in lieu of Skype)


1.    4G Wireless service or strong WiFi (Preferred)

Ensure inspection location and smart phone or tablet has minimum 4G connectivity.

2.    Skype Account

An active Skype account with a Skype "name" for performing inspection.  Click here for Skype "how to" page.

3.    Inspection preparation

Prior to scheduled inspection time, ensure all necessary tools based on type of inspection are readily available, for example:  tape measure, level, GFCI tester, flashlight, step ladder, etc.

4.    Inspection Scheduling

Click here to schedule the inspection. Inspection must be scheduled prior to 6 AM on the requested date. Important: Notes must be provided in the Inspection Request specifying that this is a RVI request and include the desired platform, requested time, and the Skype Name or FaceTime number must be provided.

5.    Preparing to Receive the Skype Call

•    Must be at least 18 years old or with an adult to perform the video inspection.

•    Must be an employee of the Licensed Contractor or the Property Owner (if the project is permitted under the Owner-Builder provisions).

•    Ensure smart phone or tablet is fully charged.

•    Be prepared to accept video call at scheduled time.

•    Respond to Skype call from Inspector.

•    Have all required tools and installation instructions as necessary for inspection.

•    Turn off notifications that may interrupt the call. This is an important step, because notifications can freeze Skype and will cause delays to the inspection and a possible failed inspection.

•    Use ear buds with a microphone to improve communication.

•    Set phone so that you have the small screen view of what the inspector sees:

For Skype:

1.    Tap the Skype screen to access the tool bar.

2.    Tap the camera icon.

3.    In the small view the inspector sees, tap the reverse camera icon.

6.    Start inspection

1.    Begin inspection at street view looking at the structure.

2.    The address must be shown in the initial view.

3.    Provide a copy of the Permit and Notice of Commencement at the Inspector’s request.

4.    Follow the direction of the inspector.

5.    Walk inspection in a clockwise direction horizontally then bottom to top vertically (if more than one floor).

6.    Make notes of any corrections.

7.    Inspection results

1.    Inspector will inform you if the inspection receives a pass, partial, incomplete, or fail.

2.    The inspector will update the permitting system with the results at the completion of the RVI call.

3.    A failed inspection will result in a re-inspection and the required fee in accordance with 7-14 of the City of Pensacola Code of Ordinances. A re-inspection will need to be rescheduled for the next day after the violations have been corrected.