Permits In Review

Address  Application Number  Company Co-locate
or New Pole
Tarragona St. between Intendencia & Government APNMN_007 AT&T New Pole
S. Jefferson St. East of Parking Garage APNMN_5 AT&T Collocate
6200 N. Davis Hwy. APNMD_021 AT&T New Pole
619 S. Palafox PEN_DOWNTOWN_035_FL Verizon Collocate
200 BLK W Romana St.  PEN_DOWNTOWN_012 Verizon Collocate
708 W Gregory St. PEN_DOWNTOWN_037 Verizon Collocate
218 N E St. PEN_DOWNTOWN_038 Verizon Collocate
1500 Airport Blvd. APNMD_005 AT&T New Pole
715 S. Palafox TBD

Verizon Collocate

To request copies of the permits or permit applications, visit the Sunshine Center.  Please be sure to include the application number(s) listed above in your request.