State Grant Funding for 3 Infrastructure Projects

City Pursuing State Grant Funding for 

Three Infrastructure Projects




The City of Pensacola, Florida is considering applying to the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) for Hurricane Sally Community Development Block Grant-Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) funding under the Rebuild Florida Infrastructure Repair Program.


DEO’s Rebuild Florida Hurricane Sally Infrastructure Repair Program was launched with $67,000,000 available for infrastructure and mitigation activities in communities impacted by Hurricane Sally. Program goals include repairs to damaged infrastructure while mitigating against future damage to make the community more resilient. Applications are due to DEO April 4, 2023. 


The City of Pensacola intends to show their full support of the anticipated project by way of a Council Resolution, to be presented at the March 23 City Council Meeting and to thereafter submit an application for the following activities:


  1.   Hollice T. Williams Stormwater Park Project: This project will include stormwater, flood mitigation, and other green infrastructure improvements to linear park to reduce area flooding and boost community resiliency. Estimated CDBG-DR request: $ 31 million.
  2. Port of Pensacola Infrastructure Restoration Project: This project will restore infrastructure damaged by Hurricane Sally to include rail, road, water, and stormwater drainage as well as mitigation improvements. The project covers four parts of infrastructure damaged at the Port of Pensacola - Roads, Rail, Potable water systems and Storm water drainage.  Storm surge and additional flooding due to torrential rainfall (approximately 22 to 25 inches over a 48-hour period) along with the extremely slow forward speed of Hurricane Sally (approximately 5 mph) resulted in the asphalt, rail, potable water lines and stormwater drainage systems at the Port being submerged for approximately 12 hours. This infrastructure being submerged for this extended period of time resulted in damage to the supporting soils causing asphalt washouts and potholes, rail track degradation, potable water line breaks and improper stormwater drainage.  Estimated CDBG-DR request: $ 10 million.
Damaged Asphalt behind Berth 1 (JPG)
Damaged Track (JPG)
Damaged Asphalt Warehouse 5 (JPG)
Damaged Tracks N of Warehouse 5 (JPG)
Damaged Port Road 2 (JPG)

3.  Fricker Center Renovation Project: This public facility project will undertake a full demolition and rebuild of the Fricker Center to serve various community needs including emergency or host sheltering in the event of a disaster. Estimated CDBG-DR request: $ 5 million.

Fricker Center Building Name (JPG)
Fricker Center Building Parking (JPG)
Fricker Center Building (JPG)
Fricker Center Basketball Court (JPG)

In developing a CDBG-DR application, the City plans to minimize displacement of persons as a result of these activities. It is not anticipated that any proposed activities will result in displacement.


A public comment period to obtain citizen comments concerning the City’s intent to apply for these specific projects shall be open from March 6 to March 20, 2023. Written comments may be submitted by clicking the following link Public Comments  


Final grant application submission will take place on or before 5 p.m. on April 4, 2023


Information regarding the proposed projects can be accessed at the City of Pensacola website at Residents wanting additional information on proposed projects can contact Kevin Boyer, Grants and Special Projects Coordinator, at or 850.435.1822 or Joel Hollon, Senior Grant Writer, at or 850-435-1824.


Accommodations for disabled or non-English speaking persons wishing to provide a response to this public notice should contact Kevin Boyer at 850-435-1822 or by email at least seven calendar days prior to the comment deadline in order to allow time to provide requested services.