FMA-FL-FMA 2021 S DeVilliers St Flood Elevation #1




Date of Posting: March 06, 2023

The Federal Emergency Management Agency and Florida Division of Emergency Management have received the following application for Federal grant funding.  Final notice is hereby given of the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) consideration to provide funding in the form of a Flood Mitigation Assistance Program Grant. 


 Under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), federal actions must be reviewed and evaluated for feasible alternatives and for social, economic, historic, environmental, legal, and safety considerations. Under Executive Order (EO) 11988 and EO 11990 FEMA is required to consider alternatives to and to provide public notice of any proposed actions in or affecting floodplains or wetlands. EO 12898 also requires FEMA to provide the opportunity for public participation in the planning process and to consider potential impacts to minority or low-income populations. 


 Funding for the proposed project will be conditional upon compliance with all applicable federal, tribal, state and local laws, regulations, floodplain standards, permit requirements and conditions. 



The City of Pensacola, Florida


Project Title:

FMA-FL-FMA 2021 City of Pensacola Flood Elevation #1


Location of Proposed Work:

The area affected by this project consists of a home in the following location:

South DeVilliers Street between Government Street and West Zaragoza Street.


Proposed Work and Purpose:

Elevating the residential structure above the flood plain to prevent it from flooding in the future. The structure has suffered repetitive flooding during the past 10 years.


Project Alternatives:

The alternatives to the project that have been and will be considered are 1) the no action alternative and 2 acquiring the property and structure to create open space. These alternatives to the proposed project are not viable because under Alternative 1) repetitive flooding is not alleviated and the needs of the community would not be served; and Alternative 2) is cost prohibitive, and therefore not practicable. The purchase price of the property and structure in the current market would be more than the cost of elevating it.


Comment Period:

Comments are solicited from the public; local, state or federal agencies; and other interested parties in order to consider and evaluate the impacts of the proposed project.   The comments should be made in writing and addressed to the Florida Division of Emergency Management, Bureau of Mitigation, 2555 Shumard Oak Blvd., Tallahassee, FL 32399-2100.   These are due within 30 days of this notice. The State will forward comments to applicable regulatory agencies as needed.  Interested persons may submit comments, obtain more detailed information about the proposed action, or request a copy of the findings by contacting: 


Brad Hinote, PE, City Engineer                                                    (850) (435-1646)

City of Pensacola,Florida                                                     


Kristen Hall, State Lead Environmental Specialist                  (850) 755-4583

Florida Division of Emergency Management