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  1. News coverage related to Bayview Cross lawsuit

    This argument was recently heard in the 11th Circuit. Below is news coverage of the argument. Read on...
  2. Court to decide fate of historic Pensacola cross

    The city of Pensacola, Florida, was in court today defending a historic World War II-era landmark from an atheist group suing to tear it down. In Kondrat’yev, et al v. City of Pensacola, the city of Pensacola, represented by Becket, appealed to the U.S. Read on...
  3. Memorial Day closures

    City of Pensacola administrative offices will be closed in observance of Memorial Day on Monday, May 28. Emergency services such as Police and Fire will remain open to ensure public safety and health. All regular operations will resume on Tuesday, May 29. Read on...
  4. Inclement weather precautions and reminders

    Inclement weather precautions and reminders We could experience heavy rainfall, up to 12” inches over the next four to five days. We are also reminding residents to be mindful of any impending weather forecasts. Additional Info...
  5. 'A' Street at Main Street Stormwater Pipe Lining Project - Update

    This project has a planned traffic detour to facilitate work. Please pay attention to the detours, involving: Main Street, ‘A’ Street, Clubbs Street and Intendencia Street. Most project construction is scheduled to be completed by June 8th. Read on...
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City Project News

Bill Gregory Stormwater Park Project

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In December 2014, the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) awarded over $11 million from its Gulf Environmental Benefit Fund to fund a series of six stormwater treatment and stream restoration projects designed to aid in the restoration of our “beautiful bayou.” One of those projects is the Bill Gregory Park Regional Stormwater Treatment Facility Project. Learn more about the Bill Gregory Stormwater Park Project.

Pensacola Bay Ferry System

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Beginning spring 2018, there will be two new ways to get to Fort Pickens, both by sea. The Turtle Runner and Pelican Perch are the Park Service’s new 150-passenger, catamaran-style ferry boats. Learn more about the Pensacola Bay Ferry System.

Fire Station 3


The new fire station is being built just west of its current location on Summit Blvd. The reason for this move is due to the “runways cone of flight path”. Why is that you may ask? Well, the little area across the street from the fire station, also known as the Pensacola International Airport, asked that the new station not be built on the current plot of land that it sits on due to its location in relation to the flight path. We love our local airport, so down the street it is. Learn more about Fire Station 3.

Gaberonne Swamp

This project will serve as means to cleanse stormwater that flows from over 760 acres into Pensacola Bay and help restore the sensitive ecology of the Gaberonne Swamp system. Through the construction of an advanced treatment train process, an estimated 96,000 lbs of pollutants will be removed annually. Learn more about Gaberonne Swamp.

Maggie's Ditch

Commonly referred to as "Maggies Ditch" this project will capture and provide an element of treatment for storm-water runoff from approximately 225 acres of primarily commercial area currently discharging untreated runoff directly into Maggie’s Ditch, a man made wetland tributary that discharges to head waters of eastern Bayou Chico. Learn more about Maggie's Ditch.

Florida Gulf Coast Marine Fisheries Hatchery / Enhancement Center

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The proposed Gulf Coast Marine Fisheries Hatchery/Enhancement Center, commonly called the "Center," is being constructed at Bruce Beach. Find some quick facts and frequently asked questions.