Larry B. Johnson

Larry B. Johnson was elected to represent District 4 in 2008 and previously served as Vice President of the City Council. District 4 includes areas surrounding Bayou Texar, including East Pensacola Heights, Cordova Park, and East Hill. Larry represents the City Council on the Pensacola Escambia Development Commission.

Larry has successfully been involved with several local nursing homes, business ventures in real estate, mini-warehouses, motels, restaurants, and entertainment facilities. With his extensive, successful background and involvement in nursing home development, he partnered with other community leaders to develop a new senior living facility, Summer Vista, in Pensacola. He currently holds licenses in Real Estate Sales and as a Nursing Home Administrator.

Larry has led efforts to preserve and protect our local waterways and trees through his service as a former board member on the Emerald Coastkeepers and in support of many environmentally sensitive projects including Project Greenshores, oyster bed construction in Bayou Texar, stormwater management improvements for area waterways, and Scenic Highway-East Pensacola Heights beautification projects. For the past 25 years, he has been active in several community organizations, including Loaves & Fishes, St. Anne's Round-Up Board, Downtown Improvement Board, Pensacola Tennis Association, and Pensacola Ski Club.

Larry attended Pensacola Junior College and Florida State University. He is an avid tennis player.

He attends St. Paul Catholic Church. His mother, Joyce Johnson Ford lives in Pensacola, as well as his brother Michael L. Johnson, and two nieces, Mrs. Amber Johnson Ball and family and Molly Johnson.

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