Jun 06

[ARCHIVED] 2019 Resident Advisory Board Survey Results

The original item was published from June 6, 2019 9:00 am to June 6, 2019 9:12 am

On Jan. 30, 2019, Pensacola Housing appointed all active participants of its housing choice voucher (HCV) program to the Resident Advisory Board (RAB) and invited them to complete an online survey during the month of February. Federal regulations require all public housing agencies (PHAs) to form such boards, consisting of individuals who reflect and represent the PHA’s clients. The purpose of the RAB is to offer feedback about the policies, programs, operations, and strategies the PHA uses to administer the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program.

In past years, Pensacola Housing invited residents of specific apartment complexes to join the board, and solicited feedback through meetings held at those complexes. This year was the first time Pensacola Housing solicited RAB feedback online. Housing Administrator Marcie Whitaker indicated she was very pleased with the results, and plans to use the online survey tool for additional client communications in the future.

Results of the February 2019 survey appear below.

Question 1 from Pensacola Housing's RAB Survey and Results

Question 2 from Pensacola Housing's 2019 RAB Survey and Results

Question 3 from Pensacola Housing's 2019 RAB Survey and Results

Question 4 from Pensacola Housing's 209 RAB Survey and Results

Question 5 from Pensacola Housing's 2019 RAB Survey and Results

Question 6 from Pensacola Housing's 2019 RAB Survey and Results

For the final question, participants were invited to submit their ideas or concerns in a comment box. Here is a summary of the comments we received:

 Summary of Comment  # of comments received
 Gratitude for the voucher program and/or our staff  18
 “No comments or suggestions at this time”  14
 Would like to use the voucher to buy a home  6
 Need more program landlords in better neighborhoods  5
 Set appointment times, or shorter appointment windows, for inspections  2
 More detailed inspections of unit and surroundings  2
 More help when there are maintenance issues and/or the voucher holder must move  2
 Voucher program should assist with security deposits  1
 Voucher program should assist with transportation  1
 Need assistance with rent because employment hours were cut
 Report of criminal drug activity in Seminole County  1
 Would like a voucher in 2019  1