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May 3, 2017

WEEK 10: Street resurfacing and natural gas infrastructure upgrades

At present, work on the natural gas distribution system improvements is proceeding a bit ahead of schedule. Installation of the new natural gas lines is complete in the South Palafox sector. Remaining construction activities in this sector include curb and sidewalk repairs, and site restoration. Work in the Downtown-West sector is about 75 percent complete.

The schedule this week calls for concrete repairs and site restoration work in the South Palafox sector. By the middle of May, Pensacola Energy plans to have work underway in four sectors simultaneously. This will include two sectors in the downtown area, and two sectors in the East Hill section of the city. The program will continue with construction underway in four sectors simultaneously until the current phase of the cast-iron gas main replacement work concludes in mid-2018.

Street resurfacing crews plan to work on the following segments this week:
  • East Chase Street, between North Alcaniz Street and the I-110 merge.
  • East Romana Street, between South Tarragonna and Cevallos Streets.
  • Manresa Street, between East Garden and East Romana Streets.
  • South Alcaniz Street, between East Garden and Romana Streets; and, Intendencia and East Main Streets.
  • South Pace Boulevard, from Barrancas Street to the dead end.
  • North N Street, from East Gregory to West Garden Street.
  • South H Street, from Barrancas Street to West Government Street.
  • South C Street, from West Government Street to West Gimble Street.
  • South L Street, from Garden Street to Romana Street.
  • South D Street, from West Government Street to West Main Street.
  • North H Street, from West Garden Street to the dead end.
  • McLeod Street, from South Pace Boulevard to Barrancas Avenue.
  • South J Street, from West Government Street to Barrancas Avenue.
  • South C Street, from West Gimble Street to the dead end.
  • Cypress Street, from South P Street to Interlaken Street.
  • South N Street, from Cypress Street to the dead end.
Drivers should anticipate the potential for travel delays on these streets during daytime hours. All planned work is dependent on weather, and may be re-scheduled in the event of inclement weather.

The benefits of a well-maintained system of streets and roadways are many. They include:
  • Enhanced safety.
  • Better drainage.
  • Smoother rides.
  • Less wear-and-tear on vehicles (front end alignments, tires, chipped windshields, etc.).
  • Aesthetic improvements for our residential and commercial districts.
There’s an adage that teaches “good roads cost money, but bad roads cost even more money.” That’s certainly true when tallying the costs associated with traffic crashes, vehicle repairs, lost time, storm water run-off, and lower property values that accompany poorly maintained streets and roadways. 

More information on the street resurfacing program is available by contacting Atkins, Inc., the city’s engineering consultant, (850) 380-9188. 

Read full report here. 

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