How does the grant process work?

The Pensacola Neighborhood Challenge Program (PNC) makes funds available to associations/organizations (for qualified projects) to make improvements in neighborhoods. a.An organization obtains an application packet from the City of Pensacola website at, completes, and emails the completed application to Applications may also be mailed to Leslie Statler, Planner, in the Planning Services Department, 222 W. Main St., Pensacola, FL 32502. b.Applications are reviewed by the PNC Technical Review Committee and recommendations are forwarded to the Office of the Mayor. (NOTE: The applicant should be prepared to make a presentation on their project to the PNC Technical Review Committee proposal after submission, if requested). c.If approved, a PNC funding agreement will be mailed to the applicant. The applicant will be required to submit a signed agreement (along with the check for any “matching” cash funds) to the City of Pensacola. The agreement will then be finalized and a copy returned to the applicant (along with the reporting forms needed to complete the project). Note: Neighborhoods that have never received a PNC grant will receive priority for funding. **IMPORTANT: Grantees Must Submit “Before and After” Digital Photographs Documenting The Progress Of Their Project. **

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1. What types of projects are possible?
2. What are some examples of improvements that WOULD or WOULD NOT be considered “eligible”?
3. How does the grant process work?
4. What are the basic requirements for the grant?
5. What specifically is the “2 to 1” match?
6. What is the process for vendor payments?
7. How often may a neighborhood apply for funding?