How can I update information on my BTR?

Send an email to the business tax collector

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1. How to contact the business tax collector?
2. What is a BTR?
3. Is a BTR the same as a business license?
4. Which one do I get first- City BTR or the Escambia County BTR?
5. Are BTR refundable?
6. Who needs a BTR?
7. How much is a BTR?
8. How often do I renew my BTR?
9. When will my BTR expire?
10. I have a BTR with the County, do I still need a City of Pensacola BTR?
11. My office location is in the county, but I conduct business in the city do I need a BTR with City of Pensacola?
12. What should I do if my business close or goes out of business?
13. Can I renew my BTR online?
14. My business is a non-profit. Do I need a Business Tax Receipt?
15. How can I update information on my BTR?
16. Can I email my application?