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Woodland Heights Resource Center


  1. After School Program
  2. Basketball
  3. Computer Lab
  4. Dance events
  5. Educational seminars
  6. Exercise Classes
  7. Fitness/Weight Room
  8. Free WiFi
  9. GED / Tutoring
  10. Meeting Rooms
  11. Playground Equipment
  12. Summer Camps

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Pensacola Sings

Pensacola Sings is a free choral program offered by the Pensacola Children's Chorus. Youth first through twelfth grade are invited to register to participate at Woodland Heights on Tuesdays from 4:45-5:45 p.m. this fall!

Pensacola Sings is a musical experience that aims to build and enrich various communities in Pensacola, an experience that promises to promote the growth of its members through singing and the arts. Learn and have fun with the beautiful sound of music!

Register online or in person at Woodland Heights! For questions or more information, please contact Woodland Heights Resource Center or Pensacola Children's Chorus at (850) 434-7760.

2023 Fall Pensacola Sings FlyerDownload the program flyer [PDF]

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