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Request the Mayor Attend or Speak at Your Event

  1. Mayor Reeves receives numerous requests for meetings and invitations to various events that take place in and around the City of Pensacola. To ensure request are tracked, recorded and processed in a timely manner, Mayor Reeves' Office requires that all meeting request and event invitations be submitted in writing. Meeting request and invitations should be sent 30 days in advance.

  2. If Mayor Reeves is asked to attend and/or speak at an engagement in a representational role on behalf of the City of Pensacola and an admission or dinner ticket is required, an event ticket must be provided in advance for the Mayor and one aide. The Office of the Mayor respectfully asks that organizations or individuals do not solicit Mayor Reeves, or other City of Pensacola elected officials, for contributions or donations towards an event or reception.

  3. Please describe Mayor's intended speaking role:*
  4. e.g. "5 minutes"
  5. If the Mayor is the only individual speaking at the event, please write "None" or "N/A"
  6. If the Mayor is the only individual speaking at the event, please write "None" or "N/A"
  7. If you are asking the mayor to speak at an event, please upload an agenda, schedule, or run of show for the event.
  8. Requestor Information
  9. Once your completed request has been submitted and reviewed, you will receive a response from Mayor Reeves’ office. The completion and submittal of your request does not guarantee Mayor Reeves’ attendance or acceptance of request. If Mayor Reeves is unavailable, an individual from his staff may be available to represent the Office of the Mayor on his behalf.

  10. All records, forms and communications submitted to the City of Pensacola pertaining to official business will be subject to disclosure under the Florida Public Records Law, unless they are defined by the law as exempt or confidential.
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