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Storm Check Program

  1. Storm Check Program

  2. Pensacola Police officers will make every effort to check the exterior of your home and notify you as soon as possible once a hurricane/storm is over and manpower permits. We will not be able to check on pets, enter your home to check on interior damage nor be responsible for any damage that may occur to your residence or property.

    Please note: This is a courtesy offered to City of Pensacola residents. If you are not sure if you live in the city or county, please check the color of your garbage container. City of Pensacola residents will have black containers.

    Please do not register for Storm Check until a hurricane threatens this area and you are finalizing plans to evacuate. Thank you.

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  4. Enter a phone number with which you can be reached after the hurricane/storm.

  5. All records, forms and communications submitted to the City of Pensacola pertaining to official business will be subject to disclosure under the Florida Public Records Law, unless they are defined by the law as exempt or confidential.

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