Bid Title: 22-054 Barrancas Avenue, "E" Street to "L" Street, Drainage Improvements
Category: Bids
Status: Closed


No bids were received.

Addendum One extends the submittal due date to October  17, 2022.

The northernmost right of way and travel lane of Barrancas Avenue experienced issues with standing stormwater issues as well as water overtopping the curb. This is due to the existing stormwater conveyance system being undersized for its contributing basin’s flow. This project will serve to increase the flow capacity of the conveyance system by installing additional inlets and upsizing the existing stormwater piping. As a bid alternate, the right of way will be fitted with bioretention cells to collect water from the travel lane. These bioretention cells no only provide relief for the overtaxed system but also provide stormwater treatment for a currently untreated drainage sub-basin within the Bayou Chico Watershed. As an additional bid alternate, this project is slated to incorporate new ECUA-owned sanitary sewer infrastructure at the Barrancas Ave and Main Street intersection. As a result of these improvements, work site safety, MOT, dewatering, maintenance/bypass of stormwater flow, and erosion control will be paramount issues. General work to be accomplished will include installation of new storm structures, new storm pipe, curb and gutter and sod.


The LS Maintenance of Traffic item shall include all signs, devices and other cost associated with maintaining traffic during the project. While not anticipated or required, contractor may elect to perform portions of this project as night work.


In the area of intersection with existing asphalt, pavement interface shall be saw cut and the perimeter milled to provide a clean seam between existing and proposed asphalt. Care shall be exercised to not cause any damage to adjacent infrastructure being left in-place during reconstruction. Any such damage shall be the responsibility of the contractor.


All grade work and elevations shall reflect the design information provided in the construction plans. All proposed line and grade work shall be approved by the City Inspector.


Contractor’s work shall include the necessary coordination of all existing utilities with respective owners and to timely address any potential conflicts with required work. All sod placed shall be properly watered and maintained until permanently rooted/established to the satisfaction of the City.


Maximum access shall be provided to the property and business owners at all times during construction.


Due to the nature of the project, it is required that bidders visit the site and thoroughly review the plans and specifications.


All work shall be in accordance with the standards and specifications of the City of Pensacola. 

Publication Date/Time:
9/6/2022 8:00 am
Closing Date/Time:
10/17/2022 2:30 pm
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